Caring for Women's Health in Winnipeg

Welcome to the Layo Centre (formerly known as The Winnipeg Women's Health & Contraception Clinic), a comprehensive clinic for medical care relating to women's health issues. Our clinic offers a range of advice and services relating to women’s reproductive health. We provide our patients with all of the information, support, and care they need in making informed choices regarding their health. We focus on education, therefore empowering our patients to make an informed choice as it relates to their reproductive health.

We are a leading expert site in the provision of the most effective methods for contraception, long acting reversible contraceptives (specifically intrauterine devices and the Nexplanon® implant) and menopause. We are also the go to place for difficult insertions and removals.

Dr. Omolayo Famuyide

Meet Dr. Famuyide

BSc (Pharm), MD, CCFP, NCMP (she/her)

Dr. Omolayo Famuyide is the Founder & Medical Director of the Layo Centre (formerly known as The Winnipeg Women’s Health & Contraception Clinic) based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As a former practicing pharmacist, Dr. Famuyide is uniquely positioned to serve patients in her well-established family practice. Her passion for women’s health led to the completion of a twelve month comprehensive fellowship at the prestigious University of Toronto, a world leading institution in the area of women's health. A Certified Menopause Practitioner through the North American Menopause Society, Dr. Famuyide’s proficiency in the areas of reproductive health, advanced contraception (e.g. IUDs, implants) and menopause is well regarded. Dr. Famuyide is a known expert in the area of women's health and advanced contraception, having been invited to speak on these topics to various medical trainees, practitioners and other allied health professionals.

Proud Member of RAIICE

Experts in IUD & implant insertion and care

The Layo Centre is a proud member of RAIICE (Rapid Access IUC and Implant Centres of Excellence). RAIICE is a network of clinics and health care providers across Canada who are experts in IUD & implant insertion and care.

RAIICE clinics must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an expert IUD and implant insertion team
  • Accept patients making their own appointments without referral by their health care provider
  • Appointments for IUD and implant discussions and insertions made quickly
  • Offer training in their communities to the public and/or to other health care providers
  • Are committed to continuously improving the care they provide
  • Must provide access to the copper IUD as emergency contraception

Rainbow photo

Caring for All Women

Inclusive, respectful health care

At the Layo Centre, we acknowledge that the word woman is an evolving term and that sex is assigned at birth and gender is influenced by many different factors including social, environmental, gender identify and expression. We want our patients to know that the term woman used here at the Layo Centre refers to anyone who identifies as a woman, female or anyone with female parts.